• Name: Karolina
  • Age: 9 years 4 months (before) , 16 years 9 months (after)
  • Type:

Karolina’s story is one that is very common.  She had a very mild ‘class I’ case, where the upper and lower teeth were in a good relationship with each other (no over-jet or under-bite) just a little crowding.  She would not have qualified for any NHS Orthodontic treatment. However Carolina’s mother was an Osteopath and was able to see that her daughter’s facial posture and function could be improved.

The results of the therapy were excellent Karolina had significant the facial change, with a significant improvement in the position of the chin tip and notice how the cheeks have become a less pronounced. As the space for her tongue in the roof of her mouth increased with our stage 1 expansion she was able to relearn to swallow without her tongue projecting between the teeth. This requires the cheek muscles to work harder so become larger and improve facial form.

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