How can you tell if your child would benefit from Orthotropic Treatment?

Any child with a malocclusion will benefit from Orthotropic Treatment.

How do I tell if my child has a malocclusion?

Indicators of malocclusion include:

• No space between the baby teeth at 4 years old.
• Uneven upper or lower front teeth
• Set back upper or lower jaw
• Facial lengthening
• Teeth meeting the wrong way around (underbite)
• Slack open mouth resting posture.

When should I start to think about booking a consultation?

At Orthodontic Health we like to treat patients with malocclusion early. For the Orthotropic approach to be effective the earlier a patient is diagnosed as having a malocclusion the better. Ideally treatment would start between the ages of 7 and 10.

Our next development is to take the principles into older and older people.  We are regularly accepting people up to 20 years old if they are extremely motivated and occasionally up to 30 years of age.

Why so early?

There are several reasons we advocate intervention much earlier than traditional orthodontics.

With our treatment we aim to gently guide the growth of the face and correct poor facial posture. Facial growth guidance is easiest and most effective before the age of 10 when facial bones rapidly begin to stiffen. After this treatment, although still effective, may achieve less dramatic improvements.

Patient compliance is also a key part of our treatment programme. Without improvements in poor facial posture and correct appliance wear Orthotropic treatment will not be effective. We find that younger children are compliant, willing to wear appliances and learn and carryout facial strengthening exercises. As children approach puberty and early adolescence they become less eager to please, less willing to wear appliances or to work to change poor facial posture. The Orthotropic approach requires total compliance and commitment from the patient (and parent) without this treatment results will be compromised. As a result less compliant older children are more difficult to treat.

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