Healthy Faces Happy Smiles

Health Faces Happy Smiles

An early treatment programme for 4-7 year olds lasting one year.  

Ideal if your child:

· Snores

· Breathes with their mouth open

· Has tongue tie or lip tie

· Grinds their teeth

· Has a gummy smile

· Has no space for their adult teeth

· Has a narrow upper jaw

· Shows signs of having ADHD

Did you know that there is a preventative alternative to orthodontics?

We provide alternatives to conventional orthodontics including orthotropics and myofunctional therapy. This focuses on enabling better facial development in order to allow teeth to grow and remain straight naturally.

How does Orthotropics work?

Orthotropics focusses on a child’s oral posture and function to guide the growth of the face to create more space for airways and teeth.

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This offer is available for a limited time only to families living within London and the home counties and within reach of our clinic in Purley, CR8 2NE. The online consultation will take place via What’s App video for a duration of approximately 10 minutes, your child will need to be present during the call. We are unable to provide these consultations on Saturdays.