Cases & Testimonials

We have achieved some amazing results for our patients. Below are some orthotropic case studies (natural orthodontics), showing before and after images. Please select a case to see enlarged images and a description of the treatment.

If you would like to know more about getting orthotropic treatment, please get in touch or use our online booking form to arrange a consultation.

Nicola's Story

Nicola had been told that the only option to correct her class II bite (set back mandible) was surgery.  Unfortunately she...

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Nicholas' Story

Nicholas is older than our normal patients. When we saw him he was already wearing braces from another orthodontic clinic....

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Nathan's Story

Nathan's upper and lower teeth were in a good relationship with a normal class I bite apart from a little asymmetry. However...

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Emma's Story

Emma came to us with a classic class II case. Her lower jaw was set back a little, she had a significant overjet and...

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