Cases & Testimonials

We have achieved some amazing results for our patients. Below are some orthotropic case studies (natural orthodontics), showing before and after images. Please select a case to see enlarged images and a description of the treatment.

If you would like to know more about getting orthotropic treatment, please get in touch or use our online booking form to arrange a consultation.

Karolina's Story

Karolina's story is one that is very common.  She had a very mild 'class I' case, where the upper and lower teeth were in a...

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Harry's Story

Harry, had a class III bite (under bite) his face was also a little long, he also had an open bite. He was a very...

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Polly's Story

Polly came to us at 5 years old. She had a severe class III bite (under-bite). Her parents had been told by the NHS that...

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Charlotte's Story

Charlotte had a severe lip catch which was exacerbating her overjet.  She had been told that she would need two upper teeth...

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