After Orthodontic Treatment


  • Name: Polly
  • Age: 5 years 10 months (before) , 8 years 1 month (after)
  • Type:

Polly came to us at 5 years old. She had a severe class III bite (under-bite). Her parents had been told by the NHS that there was no alternative treatment to major facial surgery at 18-20 years of age.

At only 5 she already had a significantly abnormal facial structure and this would only have worsened over time. Her parents were anxious that a lack of intervention would have meant her passing through the most sensitive years of her social development with this deformity. There were also no guarantees that surgery at a later date would produce a good stable ‘normal’ facial form.

She has undergone Orthodontic Health’s classic three-stage treatment plan. At times wearing her head gear up to 20 hours a day. It has been hard work and required serious commitment from both her and her parents.

She is now almost 9 and the results of the treatment are outstanding, they far exceed anything anyone could have hoped for and certainly anything that would have been achieved with surgery.

We often find that Class III patients have great results in part we think because there is little alternative treatment and because they are generally highly motivated to change and avoid surgery.

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