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For Adults

Dr Mew is not taking any adult patients for therapy for the forseeable future.

We are clearly gaining some stunning facial outcomes in growing children, arguably the best ever achieved at anytime by anyone (we aim to be the best). The big question is whether this is possible in non-growing adults. See anyone who has suffered a stroke and it is obvious that it is possible to change, albeit negatively.

In the past, Dr Mew has been working with carefully selected individuals who have demonstrated their ability to gain real changes through mewing and associated techniques. We are clearly gaining both facial change and health improvements but this is a slow process requiring hard work and effort.

Dr Mew is looking to advise Adult Patients on ‘what went wrong’ and on treatment options, even though Dr Mew isn’t providing adult treatment.

This is an area in development and having a consultation does not guarantee being accepted for treatment. Neither consultation or treatments are cheap, and we apologies in advance for people who pay for a consultation but are not taken on for treatment.

Dr Mew is not currently taking any patients for treatment.

0rthotropics For Adults

Does orthotropic therapy work for adults?

It is possible to influence facial form years after growth is complete?

This is the multimillion dollar question that we are asked repeatedly. Clearly the question is yes, but it is not easy. For example if someone has a stroke at 80 years old this will affect their bone structure on one side of the face, clearly this is exactly the opposite of what we are try to gain, but it demonstrate that change is possible at almost any age.

Combining orthotropics, the Mew Vector neckgear, MSE and general exercises to improve body posture, we are making good progress as Sara 29, (image above) illustrates. This research is time consuming, difficult and unprofitable. Currently you would need to be;

  • 35 or younger
  • Physically and mentally fit and well.
  • Minimal or no jaw joint issues
  • Symmetric
  • Highly motivated
  • Resident in the UK

Gaining structural change, such as an upswing in facial form, is dependant to gaining change in your posture and function, we do not judge but ask you to prove to us that you are capable of this by gaining real change first. We ask at least half of the people attending consultations to go away and demonstrate that they can gain these changes on their own to qualify for treatment.

Please note that we do not cross subsidise consultations (as is standard in the industry), so they may seem expensive. We apologies in advance for anyone who attends and we decide that they are not suitable for treatment. Usually this is as they do not fulfil the criteria above.
Treatment started when she was just eight – years before any conventional treatment would have even been offered, even though the problem with her jaw was obvious. Sam | Mother of Alex
Treatment started when she was just eight – years before any conventional treatment would have even been offered, even though the problem with her jaw was obvious. Charlotte | Mother of Sam
My daughter started treatment here 3 years ago and what has been achieved is absolutely astonishing – I have never seen results like this in anyone before Jan Mashford
I am delighted with the highly-skilled and professional treatment my sons have received. Other treatments only offered extraction. This treatment has led to a full set of beautiful teeth. Elizabeth | Mother of Isaac And Edwin
I would recommend orthotropics to anyone who wishes to improve not just the teeth but the whole bone structure of the face. Deidre | Mother of Samantha